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Posted by Willy McTavish on 16 November 2020 | Tags: bunnyhomes, showhome, stunning;


Another of our gardens for bunnyhomes at Foxglove Lane, Fremington. Smaller but just as stunning!

Here are a few images to show how, what looked like a small very muddy patch, was transformed into a beautiful show-home garden. 

With the fence erected and the plants now in position, it is already possible to see the garden taking shape. After some careful and very necessary preparation the site will be ready for the turf to be laid.

We can now add the decorative stone to dress the beds and with the addition of some lovely garden seating, the area is transformed! 

This garden demonstrates that structures are not always needed to make a garden look amazing. This is a garden that will be low maintenance and easy to enjoy.   

Another lovely show-home garden created for bunnyhomes.  

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