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Posted by Willy McTavish on 2 April 2013

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This month is going to be a case of carrying on with the general tidying and preparation as described for last month. The  best attitude to adopt towards the weather we are getting thrown at us at the  moment is to take the opportunity to have a good tidy up and plan for the months ahead. This is something we can help with at  Create Landscaping Ltd, we can jet wash path's, patio's, decking etc to give them a new lease of life.   

We know the plants are going to be late in their  development; but if we continuing to get in the garden and keep on top of tasks such as  weeding,  painting of fences and sheds and the cleaning of patios and garden furniture,  when our spring does eventually arrive we will be well and truly ready for it. 

The weather is not as we would expect for early spring, and you should  be  aware that the threat of frost and even snow is still very much with us. Therefore; continue to protect your delicate plants. Do not be tempted to  plant  out bedding plants as the soil has not started to warm up yet and  they will not  stand much chance of surviving. Planters are a great idea in this situation as they make it easier to cover and protect your delicate plants by wrapping or covering with garden fleece, when a frost is expected. Those shown above are a good example and bring a great splash of colour. Here at Create Landscaping Ltd we can make bespoke planters to your requirements. Give us a call on 01933 314520.

There was an interesting article on Radio 4's Today Programme, Jon Hodder, senior gardener at Sudeley Castle in the Cotswolds, told  presenter  John Humphrys about the problems the weather has been causing for gardeners across the UK,  "spring  will come around, as sure as eggs are eggs," he said. To  hear the full interview follow this link-:  



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