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Posted by Willy McTavish on 4 November 2013

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This project was for a new show home garden behind the marketing suite.The job entailed the landscaping of the front side and rear gardens of the property.

Our first task was to clear the old grass and prepare the ground, ready for the framework of the 3m x 4.8m deck and so we could get the sleepers in position for the raised bed to the side of the house.

We were then able to complete the decking.

Once this was done we set about fixing the wall trellis' into place, ensuring they were fixed not only in the correct place but also at the right angle. We had 5 of these to install in various areas of the garden.

There were also 9 pieces of wall art to be hung. The fence was extended using post extenders and trellis. We then laid out the plants in their positions according to the plans, before planting them out in the shaped beds and top dressing with white stone.

The front gardens were planted out according to the plans and dressed with 10mm golden gravel.

The raised bed which we had created using the sleepers was planted then dressed with white stone, this made it stand out more and made it even more of a feature.

The weather was fair for the best part of this job, though we did have some showers.

It took two people seven days to complete this entire project.

Another successful project completed within the time scale and budget.



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