Patio Extension with Wall

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Posted by Willy McTavish on 4 December 2013

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We were asked by our clients to extend their existing block paving patio, the patio was not really big enough for their requirements.

They wanted the patio extended by about 1.5 metres with a .5 metre surrounding wall.  

 Our first job was to source the bricks for the wall, these needed to match those of the conservatory and the paving blocks needed to match the existing paver blocks or the patio would look a real mess. The idea was that when complete the patio would not look as if it had been extended at all, instead just flow on from what was already there. We removed the edging blocks from the existing patio and set them aside to be re-used. The wall was laid onto a 150mm concrete foundation. The .5metre high wall took approximately 1,000 bricks it had a 1.3 metre opening at the front and was capped with white coping stones.


The ground was prepared for the block paving, the area was levelled then scalping was laid and compacted before a bed of sharp sand was laid to to set the blocks on. We had approximately 700 paving blocks to lay plus some of the old blocks which we had saved to re-lay.

Both ourselves and our clients were very happy with the end result of this job, we were able to match the bricks and blocks extremely well. We completed this project both on time and on budget, it took two people 5 days to complete.

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