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Posted by Willy McTavish on 9 March 2016

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Lymington Shores Start to Finish.

We had been asked if we could enhance the landscaping around this villa to make the property more appealing and to help achieve maximum sale-ability on the property market.

                         Above are a few pictures, showing part of the garden before we started.


We had six days to complete this job. We needed to fit our design around the existing paths and patio. Due to the lack of sun in the back garden we decided to create a design which would enable us to remove a lot of the turf and replace with contrasting slate and stones to give a striking affect. At the same time we wanted to keep a grassed area to complement the planting and keep the garden feel.

So Day 1 Monday 15th Feb was spent marking out the areas and taking delivery of the materials. The team were able to make a start on digging out the gardens ready for the scalpings to go down.

Day 2, the guys were able to lay the scalpings and and put in the metal edgings. The circles were now ready to be filled with the slate and stone.

Day 3, was a busy day removing all the plants from the beds, great care was taken so we could re-plant them later.

The beds were tidied, a good quality weed suppressing membrane was laid and the beds were edged with the metal edgings.

Day 4. The beds were replanted utilising the existing plants and adding some new ones too. The beds and the rest of the rear garden were dressed with plum slate. ​The old turfed area that was left was rotovated and prepped ready for the new turf to be laid.

Day 5. The garden is re-turfed and the finishing touches were made to the beds adding more stone and slate where needed. The old turf at the side of the property was dug up, membrane was laid and finished with a dressing of plum slate.

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Day 6 Monday 22nd Feb the last day. All the planters in the courtyard and paved areas were changed, they were planted and dressed with plum slate or stone chips.

         Also the walkways at the side of the property was finished off with some chipped bark.

We had a team of 5 on working on this project. The team was led by charge hand Aaron Burbidge he was accompanied by Lee Norris, Chris Wickham, Nick Denmark and Grant Thomas.

                                                       Great job guys it looks amazing!

                                                 Project completed on time and in budget!







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  • Looks absolutely amazing, what a difference this makeover has made.

    Posted by jefferyleckieoo9, 24/05/2016 9:16am (4 years ago)

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