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Posted by Willy McTavish on 30 October 2013

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This project consisted of Landscaping the marketing suite and the car parking area.

This would consist of four rear gardens, which were to be open plan and also the front gardens.

We started off with a blank canvas, the ground needed to be leveled and prepared for both the hard and soft landscaping. This took many tonnes of conditioned topsoil.

Once the initial preparations were done we were able to start on the individual features as set out in the plans. This was to include the laying of the patios all of which were different shapes and sizes.

In one of the gardens there was to be a cobbled circular patio area with a living parasol as a feature. The patio took two bags of cobbles and these were also used to edge the path that was to link it to the semi circular slabbed patio, which was also edged with the cobbles to give continuity.

We laid two decks to the other gardens which again were totally different from each other. Two pergolas were then built and the beds for planting were created using sleepers. All these features were linked by pathways which were created and dressed with either bark or golden stone. The turfs were laid and the selected plants were planted in their respective beds and finished off with chipped bark or plum slate as per the plans.

The front gardens were planted and the beds dressed with chipped bark the gravel paths were created using golden stone. The car park area was laid with turf and the plants planted and dressed; again using chipped bark.

500 meters of turf was needed for this project. The weather was not in our favour either and although we were able to push on so we could complete on time, there was certain jobs that had to wait for a break in the weather such as the pointing of the patio’s. We even managed to lay the soaker hoses in the beds, despite the fact that there was no water on site at that time so it was all in place ready for connection to the mains supply. (At this point we were actually pleased to have the rain).

Three guys took three weeks to complete the entire project, (despite the weather). Another successful project from CREATE LANDSCPING LTD completed both on time and in budget.

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