Private Job, Swindon.

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Posted by Willy McTavish on 2 November 2020 | Tags: Patio;


Our client had visited one of our show-home gardens on Redrow's  'Abbey Farm' development.

He wanted some of the elements recreated in his own garden.  

Firstly we had to level the area, as there was quite a slope. So we imported good quality topsoil into the garden to remedy this.

Once the garden was level, we were able to complete the construction of the bespoke pergola and start laying the porcelain tiles.

We continued laying porcelain tiles along the back of the house, to create another patio area. The two patios were connected using the same tiles and this started bringing everything together.

The patio was marked out, following the shape of the pergola. Then carefully cut to give a perfect curved patio area beneath the pergola. Time to lay the turf.

We continued the porcelain tiles down the side of the house. Some more were laid at the front door. This carried the same theme throughout. A neat bed was cut to the rear of the garden ready for our client to plant out with the plants of his choosing.

With all elements our client had asked for recreated and adapted for his own garden, we had a very pleased client. The team were pretty chuffed with the result too!

This is a perfect example as to how our show gardens can be used as inspiration and adapted to your own gardens.

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