Abbey Farm Maintenance

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Posted by Willy McTavish on 19 February 2019 | Tags: Abbey Farm, Maintenance, Tidy Up;


Time for a freshen up at Abbey Farm.

After what seems like a long drab period, we can start looking towards the spring!

The routine maintenance has kept things looking good, but now is the time to smarten things up.

A good place to start on this site is with the sharpening up of the border edges to redefine the borders and lawns.

Then we can add a splash of colour with some seasonal planting. To finish off the beds and borders we dressed them with new bark and coloured slate. What a difference this can make.

The final step to complete the freshen up is to prune, clip and generally tidy the now well established plants and shrubs.

Again finishing off with fresh bark, slate or stones.

All done, nice and tidy and ready for everyone to enjoy.

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